The way to formation of a happy person, a prosperous country, a healthy society lies through hundreds of obstacles. And today’s crisis in the light of the annexation of Crimea and the hybrid war in the Southeast of Ukraine has to become not a reason for another decline but a stimulus to act. For positive moves the understanding of that the origins of wellbeing of the country are in its unity, in its citizens feeling consolidated and protected is needed. However, the residents of different regions of Ukraine have different traditions, history, daily language of communication, social-economic conditions and political views that have a varied impact on formation of the national identity of Ukrainians.


Nowadays Ukraine lives through the critical transformational times, undergoes the trials which should bring it to a new stage of development. In the crisis it is important to find a resource and it should be started with the little as usual.  And in our case – with the youngest. The territory of childhood is the primary and the main thing to care about.

The traumatizing situation for children of war and displaced persons from the Southeast of the country has to be liquidated as soon as possible. Their fears, isolation and uncertain national identity play a negative role in their growing. After all, it is not possible to develop into a strong personality, a full-grown member of the society, a conscientious citizen of your country without overcoming psychological problems and instilling patriotic values.




The project is under implementation



The project is in development



The project is in development


Objective of organisation

Gewährleistung den betroffenen Kindern einer Möglichkeit, die vollständige, qualifizierte Hilfe von den besten Spezialisten der Ukraine zu erhalten. Stimulieren die freundlichen Beziehungen zwischen den Regionen des Landes und jedem Kind zu helfen, vollkommen sein intellektuelles, künstliches und sportliches Potenzial zu entwickeln.

Mission of organisation

Annäherung von Kindern verschiedener Ecken der Ukraine durch Verschaffung der Bedingungen für freie Kommunikation den Angehöriger jeglicher Regionen des Landes miteinander, Verschaffung von bequemen Bedingungen für Kinder und Jugendliche, die gewöhnliche Umgebung verloren.

Goal of organisation

Ein modernes kindliches Zentrum zu errichten, das für die Annäherung von Kindern aus verschiedener Ecken der Ukraine und den effektiven Kulturaustausch dienen würde. Die Besonderheiten und Eigenheiten jeweiliger Region respektierend, werden die Zöglinge des Zentrums in allgemeines Kulturreichstum der Nation und allgemein-menschliche Werte einbezogen.